A new survey from DDB, Paris -- part of DDB Worldwide -- and OpinionWay titled "Who Are the Brand Likers?" explores consumer motivations in becoming fans of brands. This is the second study of its kind, following a similar DDB Paris/OpinionWay study last fall, offering an in-depth look at the changing attitudes and habits of Facebook fans in the U.S., U.K. and France, and shedding new light on fans in Germany, Turkey and Malaysia. The survey is also the basis of the latest white paper from Ad Age Insights, "The Evolution of Facebook Brand Fans." First, the bad news: Fans in the U.S., U.K. and France are following fewer brands; are less likely to press like, post on a brand's wall or recommend it to friends; less inclined to participate in brand pages' games, events and competitions; and, truth be told, would like to hear less from marketers altogether. (This goes double for France.) Facebook fatigue may be a myth, but Facebook brand fatigue is looking all too real. "Engagement on Facebook brands' walls is down 22%," said Michael Scissons, CEO of social-media software and services firm Syncapse. "But declining engagement has less to do with brand fatigue in general than with marketers doing a bad job and shoving boring [content] at consumers." Get the full story at Advertising Age