It comes down to a realization that even when making plans on a global scale, arriving at the destination brings the user back to the local level. That is the juncture where apps on Google Play can be mutually relevant for vacationers who want to find a private getaway and for people looking for new places to eat just around the corner. James caught up with Street Fight recently to discuss how apps on Google Play can be contextual on multiple levels. You head up travel and local at Google Play - tell us a little about how those two categories are similar and different. I think of these categories as more intertwined and complementary. When you think of travel, it can be different things. For some people it’s commuting to work or going on business trips. For the majority of people it’s synonymous with vacation. We see more users not just going to a place for the sake of checking it off their bucket list. They’re looking at rich local experiences. It’s all intertwined. You don’t just travel; you try to experience it like a local and help out the local economy in some form or another. When you think of local — pertaining to a specific place or location — it’s so much more broad. It’s not just for traveling. Get the full story at Street Fight