As discussed in our previous post, trying to use Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) for Travel is possible, but isn’t ideal due to the number of workarounds that have to be used to make campaigns work in a retail context. Yet, we still get the question from prospective clients, “Why switch to DAT?” especially when DPA is working at an acceptable level. The answer is simple, Dynamic Ads for Travel allows for improved relevancy across ad interactions and this will lead to better customer experiences and results over time. Improving this step of the engagement with prospective customers will allow travel brands to improve awareness, trust, and ultimately loyalty. Unlike DPA, DAT catalogs are able to leverage thousands of hotel properties seamlessly, integrating important hotel and travel related details such as location, rating, brand, and nightly and stay price, amongst many others. The roadblocks that DPA posed delayed the optimization process and could sometimes cause irrelevant content to be frequently displayed to potential customers. Instead of relying on “hacks” to DPA catalogs, the hotel-specific catalogs and data structures within DAT simply allow for more campaign variability through different creative, ad types, placements, and booking windows. Get the full story at Koddi