There is a saying that goes, “I don’t have enough money to buy cheap things.” That statement also rings true for implementing free analytics: hoteliers simply cannot afford it. Many hoteliers will invest thousands of dollars in best-in-class hotel website design and digital marketing strategies and technologies. After launch, those same hoteliers will utilize cheap or free analytics tools and base integral marketing decisions on inferior information, which can result in millions of dollars of missed revenues. Today’s hyper-connected traveler spends about 17 days in their journey to a decision on a booking. In that time, they visit 18 sites during 8 sessions, making about 6 clicks (Google 2015). In addition, 89% of travelers begin a travel activity on one device and continue it on another. Hoteliers must use a sophisticated analytics tool that can paint the full picture of today’s multichannel campaigns and multi-device usage to understand the true conversions, ROIs, pathing and behavioral metrics. In this article, we will outline the major reasons why free or cheap analytics tools are not an option for success in today’s complex hotel digital marketing landscape. Get the full story at HeBS Digital