Even though smartphones and tablets are both portable devices, they are very different when it comes to how consumers actually use them, and ultimately how you need to optimize your website for them. Tablet users are generally: - Using a Wi-Fi connection, for the fastest possible browsing speed - Not always on the go – predominantly used at home for leisure, at work for business, or in-flight - Consuming media (social media, TV shows, movies, online videos, reading news, etc.) and browsing the web They expect a fast and engaging online experience, similar to what they would find on a desktop. In fact, Google stated (to web developers) that “unless you offer tablet-optimized content, users expect to see your desktop site rather than your site’s smartphone site.” Because tablets have larger screens, more powerful hardware, and their users have longer attention spans, you can deliver more visually-rich online experiences when it comes to your hotel’s property, location, and local attractions. Get the full story at Leonardo