Much as we like to talk about creating new models, most thinking these days about monetizing social media (on the social media site side) or tapping into the vast amounts of traffic to get messages across (on the marketing side) is pretty old-school. There are obviously lots of eyeballs and we've got messages we want those eyeballs to see, so it stands to reason that if we can get our messages in front of those eyeballs they'll see them.

Right? Doesn't look like it, folks. Social networking CTRs are abysmal, and nobody seems to be actually making any money

Perhaps we haven't found the right model yet. There's lots of homespun advice on plenty of marketing sites out there debating that issue. Perhaps there's too much clutter. Maybe we're just too far ahead of the curve, trying wacky stuff, like creating corporate islands in Second Life. Maybe new ideas like the much-vaunted widget are the answer.

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