Purchasers today value education on the products and services they’re looking at over a traditional sales pitch. Currently, the job of selling is stuck between marketing and customer service. With this in mind, what is the best strategy to establish a better sales cycle that will engender customer loyalty and significantly impact a company’s revenue? - People want to buy, so remove the sales wall--especially any forms or language soliciting the consumer to “contact me to request quote.” This is especially important for smaller businesses making smaller sales deals. When it comes to your offering, work with the customer to make sure they understand the value your product or service provides. You don’t want people to buy your product who don’t really need it and won’t benefit from it. Negative reviews can kill existing deals and adversely impact your ability to sell to prospective clients. Deals in the hundreds of thousands still require substantial handholding and face-to-face meetings, but smaller deals are closed by answering questions and providing solid, timely customer service. Get the full story at Inc.com