Best known for its reviews and recommendations for travelers by travelers, TripAdvisor has switched gears and quickly transformed itself into a booking site. From being a place that offers travelers great, first person experience and advice to now being a place where travelers can also book their hotel straight through the TripAdvisor website. With many its hotel listings having the option to book, do we now need to rethink this “review site” and the tools they offer like widgets? TripAdvisor has successfully used a well thought out content strategy to grow its audience which includes widgets, content API, and partnerships. As the brand moves from a review site to a fully fledged booking and metasearch site, many websites that use TripAdvisor widgets should evaluate the implications. Potential customers move to TripAdvisor through a widget and will now probably end up making a booking on a OTA site or need to be bought back via TripConnect or Business Listings. Get the full story at Olery