Summer is here and for many families, that means it's time to travel. And for many business owners, the season brings increased revenues from visiting out of towners. Like most other things, the internet is changing the way consumer plan for summer vacations. A recent survey reveals that mobile devices are key to the ways people find where to go and what to do when they make travel plans. The internet is full of information and mobile devices make that information readily available. It's easy to see how the two combined could be a powerful force for people planning to travel and those visiting new locations. Opera Mediaworks recently surveyed 1,000 consumers and learned, unsurprisingly, that mobile, is the number one tool for travel research. As one would imagine, mobile devices are helpful for people searching for things to do once they're at their destination. However, the Opera Mediaworks shows that the internet and mobile devices play a large role in helping people decide where they want to travel. Get the full story at Read also "Mobile now #1 for travel research and booking among U.S. travelers"