Harnessing the power of machine learning and natural language recognition MTC offers a more personal and free flowing experience than OTAs because of the way users interact with it. As the world has moved its internet usage to mobile, personalization has become a key selling point. For years marketing professionals have stressed the importance of personalization within the mobile experience. Even mega-OTAs such as Booking.com have acknowledged personalization’s importance, and the company’s CEO, Darren Huston, told the Wall Street Journal last year that younger travelers don’t want to be bombarded with choices, but rather prefer hotel searches closely tailored to their profiles. New MTCs – such as HYPER, Lola, ETA, HelloGbye, 30secondstofly, GoHeroGo, Pana and Scout Travel use mobile and desktop apps that work with SMS and other messaging services, offering users a direct line of communication with a travel agent, automated or not. The machine learning that these new MTC startups use personalizes the experience by learning user preferences and remembering them to make suggestions for the next booking. Get the full story at Tnooz