We have always defended the notion that the value OTAs have is to provide visibility to hotels and help them generate new sales, sales that otherwise would be impossible to access. This greater exposure, by generating more demand for you, allows you to increase your average price, not only for OTAs but also for the rest of your channels, something which is highly positive and has a direct impact on your RevPar. These are two great value proposals which, at least to this day, make OTAs key elements in online sales of hotels. But that is where it all ends, or at least most of it. All sales channelled by Booking.com or Expedia whose origin is a client who already knew you, a recommendation from a friend or a client who found you on TripAdvisor are completely absurd. You are paying a high cost for a sale that was already guaranteed, so to speak, as long as you cover minimum requirements: good technology, website and booking engine, languages and adequate usability on your direct channel. Get the full story at Mirai