From an investor’s perspective, the travel industry is interesting because there’s a ton of technology behind the scenes. Technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality have moved to the foreground and are integral parts of some travel companies’ long-term technology strategies. Some travel companies are partnering with startups whether it’s by launching an incubator or through another investment vehicle. What a startup needs is to have that market particular on the B2B side and companies willing to adopt that technology. Although some major travel brands like TripAdvisor apparently aren’t listening to budding technologies as well as they should be, said Mark Mahaney, managing director and analyst at RBC Capital. “TripAdvisor is a company that’s made some major mistakes in terms of product innovation,” he said. “It’s reflected in what’s happening with its stock prices and fundamentals and they haven’t grown profits in three or four years and that’s a real tell in a secular growth industry.” Get the full story at Skift