To begin your keyword research it helps to start with some broad terms like “[city name] hotels” or “hotels in [city name]”. Then find major venues, attractions and events that happen near your hotel, such as “hotels near [venue]” or “hotels near [event name]”. You also want to determine what your hotel’s differentiators are. For example, if your hotel offers 2 bedroom suites, or pet friendly accommodations you can choose “2 bedroom suites in [city name]”, or “pet friendly hotels in [city name].” That will give you a pretty solid list to begin. Start plugging those variations into the tools mentioned above to determine the keyword competition, as well as keyword variants you may not have thought about. Now that you have a full list of potential keywords to target, it is time to segment those keywords by searcher intent as well as competition. Looking at your list of keywords, try to envision what type of content you would create to rank for that keyword. If you can’t fulfill searcher intent you probably shouldn’t target that keyword. Get the full story at Fuel