But what if this year is different than last? What if there is new political/economic unrest in the market? Or new competitors, e.g. Airbnb, that are changing the market dynamics. Then hotels need revenue management solutions that look at what’s happening in the market right now to capture the broader opportunity inherent in real unconstrained demand: - Hotel demand for future arrival dates – unbooked - Competitive set demand for future arrival dates – unbooked - Overall market demand for future arrival dates – unbooked - Hotel share of overall consumer demand – unbooked and booked Consumer response to prices for the hotel and comp set for future dates, e.g. comp set pricing is generating higher volumes of search and bookings for future arrival dates Having this type of information helps hotels make smarter rate and distribution decisions for future dates. For example, if a hotel knows from forward-looking shopping data that market demand is strong – even higher than last year or last month – and competition is lowering rate in a panic because lead times are shorter than in the past, the hotel can opt to hold rate and ultimately increase ADR in the long run. Get the full story at nSight