You use search analytics to make your search campaign better. Have you considered using search to improve other parts of your business?

We’ve already spoken about how search can help you with your traditional offline marketing and PR. If you’ve changed your branding, gotten a great PR hit or just come out with a new ad, you can use the keywords your search visitors use to get a sense of how well your offline efforts have worked. After all, if your multichannel efforts have worked, they’ll change the ways that people think about your brand. And the keywords that people use to find you will reflect that change.

If there isn’t any change in the keywords that people use, that could mean you haven’t been successful in changing the way they think. If there’s a lot of change in the keywords that people use, that means you’ve changed the way that people see you. And, done right, tracking the new keywords from the search engine to conversion or dropoff can give you a sense of how powerful your offline multichannel efforts really are.

But your keywords aren’t just a source of marketing intelligence. Because using the same analytics principles - that search keywords can show you who’s interacting with you, and how - also can show you some very deep things about your business overall.

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