Consumers don't like mobile commerce sites. In fact, 49% of shoppers on smartphones leave retailers' m-commerce sites to shop merchants' full desktop sites on their smartphones, according to data exclusive to Internet Retailer from Retail Systems Research LLC, a research and consulting firm that follows mobile commerce. Does that mean that all the work retailers for years have put into optimizing and streamlining web sites for mobile shoppers was pointless? No, experts say. Keep in mind, 51% of consumers use mobile sites to research and buy, RSR finds. What has happened, retailers with long experience in m-commerce and mobile experts contend, is merchants have dumbed down their mobile sites so much in a quest to make things fast and simple that many mobile shoppers don't have the tools they need to learn more about products and make informed buying decisions. These shoppers are then left with no choice but to touch m-commerce sites' View Full Site links to find what they need on the traditional desktop sites. Get the full story at Internet Retailer