According to a new report by Berg Insights, one company in particular is dominating the mobile payment market: Starbucks. The multi-national coffee chain's payment app accounted for the "vast majority" of all mobile purchases--some $500 million total--in 2012, say Berg analysts. This isn't just good news for Starbucks; this is great news for a whole host of companies. Berg contends that as customers buy more espresso and pastries using their mobile wallets, they will also want to use the technology for other purchases. Which could mean mainstream adoption for a bevy of mobile payment companies--think Square (which has a partnership with Starbucks), Dwolla, LevelUp, and TabbedOut--not to mention independent retailers looking to gain footing against slower, less tech-savvy incumbents in their industry. Get the full story at Read also "Mobile Payments To Top $235 Billion In 2013" at MediaPost