According to Google, there are three versions of new tracking code: Use the analytics.js JavaScript library for websites, the Google Analytics SDKs (v2.x or higher) for mobile app tracking, and the Measurement Protocol for other digital devices, like game consoles and information kiosks. Additionally, it is much easier to set up cross-domain or subdomain tracking. For anyone who has done this in the past, they know it used to be a chore on multiple levels for complex websites. The new Universal Analytics also gives you access to new configuration options. These are organic search sources, session and campaign timeout handling, referral exclusions and search term exclusion. We will talk about each of these areas later, but each is exciting in its own way. Finally, the new Universal Analytics gives you access to custom dimensions, metrics and new features which you just won’t get with an older collection method like the ga.js JavaScript library. Get the full story at Marketing Land