The only thing about flying worse than getting through security checkpoints at the airport is being stuck in travel purgatory - forced to sleep on the floor at the terminal. When it comes to travel, unavoidable issues can come up. Whether it’s as minor as an IT problem or as significant as a blizzard or hurricane, crisis can strike in a matter of minutes, destroying plans and leaving travelers in the dark about their next steps. When it comes to these kinds of travel emergencies, one of the biggest problems is a lack of direct communication. A couple weeks back, United Airlines grounded all of its domestic flights due to a “computer glitch.” The company announced this issue in a single tweet, forcing customers to voice their problems and utter frustration via social media. Twitter can be great for engaging with customers, but the platform can also open up a brand to a whirlwind of candid criticism, especially during a crisis. In United’s case, making social media the only communications channel ultimately made matters worse - leaving pertinent questions unanswered and customers unhappy. Get the full story at VentureBeat