The Apple Watch is looking to make it even easier to ditch your paper habit. The watch has a Passbook app similar to the one on the iPhone and works as a virtual wallet for all your event and transit tickets. At the airport, the watch will pull your boarding pass info when you arrive and an on-screen barcode can get you through the gate. Starwood Hotel’s SPG app is also already available for the watch and works for checking your reservation details, getting directions to your hotel, and checking in. You can even unlock your door with the watch, with no need to ever stop by the front desk. Expedia’s app for the watch can give you flight’s status, let you know when your gate changes, and help you check in and out of your hotel. If your flight’s running late, the app will send a notification to your watch, letting you know you have a little extra time. When you’re ready to head to the hotel, the app can provide directions and let you know when you’re free to check in. A Starbucks app is already available for buying that much-needed latte while you’re waiting to board. Ride-sharing app Uber also already has an app for the Apple Watch. Much like the app on your phone, you can request a ride from the app and see when your car is expected to arrive as well as the name of your driver and his license plater number. A push notification will also let you know when your car arrives. Get the full story at Condé Nast Traveler Read also "Apple Watch app from Starwood will literally open doors" at Skift and "What it’s like to order an Uber from your Apple Watch" at TechCrunch