Google is integrating Hotel Ads into search results, Maps, and Trips, becoming one of the leading hotel metasearch providers in the market in the process. Indeed, research conducted by Fastbooking earlier this year concluded that Google Hotel Ads’ traffic was outpacing that of TripAdvisor. The question is, though, is this because of a better product offering - or because of unfair advantage? TripAdvisor results are often buried under Google’s own Google+ review boxes, yet TripAdvisor hotel scores are based on hundreds of reviews, rather than the handfuls that make up Google+ scores. It’s hard to argue that this ordering makes sense. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed – Expedia and TripAdvisor have both previously complained that Google sets the competition rules within the hotel search industry. Get the full story at at WIT Read also "Google Flight Search: A dead man walking?" at EyeForTravel