Last year Airbnb’s head of hospitality and strategy, Chip Conley, stated that while Airbnb could take lessons from the hotel industry on how to deliver high quality service on a consistent basis, hotels could also learn from Airbnb on the importance of hiring data-scientists to improve their chances of converting guests. Data-scientists working for Airbnb are tasked with helping the company “…navigate through uncharted waters turning hard data into useful insights and compelling stories”. They earn upward of $100,000 (USD) and some roles advertised on its website even require candidates to hold a PhD in a quantitative field. Many job-ready graduates are now coming through Airbnb’s own Data University with classes available in all 22 of its offices. For a company that a year ago was valued at $30 billion, hiring a team of academically-gifted scientists to crunch the numbers and make data-informed decisions, certainly won’t put a dent in the profits. Get the full story at SiteMinder