There's no such thing as mobile as far as the user is concerned. Which means you, as marketers, have to work exceptionally hard to play nicely with ubiquity. Fundamentally, people use their devices for: - communicating with other people (1-1 and 1-many) - consuming media (text, images, video) - searching for answers As a marketer, you can see the opportunities to be available, be found, be recommended in any of these uses. To improve your chances, you will need to consider: - Your platform – the CMS you use, the outputs it's capable of - Your content – the strategy of what to create and the tactical execution - Your audience – where are they and how can you reach them? - Your conversion paths – what do you want people to do and what would encourage them to do that? - Your measurement abilities – how are you going to quantify and demonstrate success, and how are you going to refine your approach in light of new data? Get the full story at Moz