Hence, we should only leverage the power of man-machine where human involvement is not necessary. We all will agree, that the travel industry thrives by the personalization and personal touch that you can offer to your guest and this is where humans are required that most. Additionally, there are some logic and understanding that is only possible by a real human brain and not any artificial intelligence. Technology had already begun to share the burden of revenue management analysis and pricing analysis in most repetitive tasks. This was a much-expected change of the explosive increase in available data that we are experiencing from everywhere. Not more than a decade ago, analysts had to work on just a few megabytes of data and they deemed it enough to make decisions. However, things have changed a lot now; your competitors also have access to piles of data. A few hours spent earlier to process small data have now turned into days or weeks. Time spent to this tune will certainly influence your daily schedule; hence, it becomes important to succumb some control of the mundane tasks to the machines. Get the full story at RateGain