When you book a room today, you will most likely use an online travel agency like Expedia or Kayak. Suppose you decide to stay one night in a hotel room, and the cost is $100. Most likely, $3 of that cost will go to cover the credit card processing fee. Another $17 will go to the agency you booked through – the booking fee. The remaining $80 is what the hotel actually gets from the transaction. This is the middleman market at work. But what if you didn’t need to pay any of these extra fees? Saving 20% on a hotel booking could potentially buy you a better room, another meal, or entertainment during your trip. Up and coming blockchain companies realize this, and are preparing to radically change the market. For instance, Trippki believes that both hotels and their customers should have a mutually beneficial relationship through universal reward points. Whenever a customer leaves a good review, or refers a friend, they are rewarded with TRIP, a utility token that can be spent at the hotel, or redeemed for cash. Lockchain, by comparison, believes consumers shouldn’t have to pay such a high premium to online travel agencies to get a good room, and hotels shouldn’t have to raise their prices to account for the cut the agencies take. They are providing a blockchain-based platform where customers can book rooms directly with hotels using any currency they like for a minimal fee (1-3%, depending on the currency). If the customer chooses to book using Lockchain’s native utility token LOC, they will be charged a 0% booking fee. Get the full story at Strategic Coin