While the latest it-bag or on-trend footwear may have once been a subject of conversation and a clear marker of status, gastronomy is becoming a sort of conversational currency driven by social media and the embrace of experiential activities. As personal expression moves toward what experiences have been had, rather than what material goods have been bought, luxury brands will have to retool strategies in a culinary-rooted direction to account for consumer behavior. "Many consider spending $100 on a logo designer t-shirt senseless and would rather invest in an exceptionally made, quality treat," said Wanda Pogue, chief strategy officer at Saatchi & Saatchi New York. "Food ranks high for them. From a ‘grammed brunch with friends to a Cronut that they waited an hour in line for, they get a great story to share and an emotional payoff that is as big, if not bigger than what traditional luxury goods provide -- but without the big financial investment. Get the full story at Luxury Daily