Priceline Group identified the international trend in travel early on, and it has built up an impressive infrastructure that connects people to those who can serve their travel needs across the globe. Yet with recent moves from rivals Expedia and TripAdvisor pointing to the cutthroat competitive nature of the industry right now, and coming into Priceline's fourth-quarter report on Thursday morning, investors will want to know how Priceline will respond to those moves. Let's take an early look at what's been up with Priceline lately and whether investors can expect a rebound in the stock after its earnings report. Investors have gotten less optimistic about Priceline Group earnings in recent months, reducing their fourth-quarter estimates by a nickel per share and their full-year 2015 projections by more than $2.40 per share. The stock has reflected those worries, falling 6% since mid-November. Priceline's share-price woes started after its third-quarter results sparked a sell-off. Priceline's growth was still solid, with earnings per share and gross travel bookings both climbing at a 28% pace, and strength in the accommodation and rental-car businesses both added to the company's gains. But investors were nervous about Priceline's guidance for the fourth quarter, leading to extensive downward revisions in consensus estimates for Priceline's earnings. Get the full story at The Motley Fool