Hospitality businesses of all sizes can begin preparing now for more Chinese travelers. Here are some key TripAdvisor insights to keep in mind as you shape your strategy: 1. No property can be all things to all guests: Focus on your target consumers (families, solo travelers, couples, etc.) and their key interests. This consistency in your brand will help attract guests from down the street and across the globe. 2. Use offers and promotions to grab attention: Create offers in the months leading up to February, May and October to appeal to Chinese travelers planning last minute trips during those months. Cross-promote offers on your website, social media and third party sites like TripAdvisor to increase visibility. 3. Provide services valued by Chinese travelers: For accommodations, elements like Wi-Fi, Chinese television channels, in-language maps and brochures, free bottled water, and kettles can help Chinese travelers feel more comfortable. Restaurants and attractions can provide menus with pictures and accept UnionPay credit cards. 4. Deploy a “soft localization” strategy: Use your data to track when Chinese travelers frequent your business. During peaks, incorporate more culturally familiar elements for them. For example, you could hire a Chinese speaker to be on staff during these periods, or develop customized menu offerings. 5. Prepare upsell strategies: Create tiers of service at your property, along with pitches for upselling guests. Just as accommodations provide several room categories, restaurants can create deluxe menus and attractions can offer priority seating or access. Train service staff to strategically offer these amenities to guests. 6. Collect more “earned” media: Earned media includes ratings and reviews – opinions written about your business that you don’t pay for or control. These media may be perceived as more trust-worthy than an advertisement. Asking guests to write reviews can also help you see how you’re doing, make improvements and attract new travelers’ attention. When your guests do write reviews, use the TripAdvisor Management Response tool to respond to these reviews in the corresponding language. 7. Leverage targeted online channels: The vastness of China’s travel market makes it difficult to target outbound Chinese travelers with traditional advertisements. Within a population of 1.4 billion people, reaching the target demographic that takes 50 million outbound overnight trips a year and generates over 30% of the travel expenditure requires a careful selection of marketing channels. Businesses considering marketing options in China should use targeted online campaigns to maximize their return on investment. Get the full story at TripAdvisor Part 1, Part 2, Part 3