Nearly one-fifth (18%) of US email users ages 18 to 29 surveyed by Fluent in October 2016 said they always opened marketing emails, compared to 9% of respondents ages 30 and older. But a higher percentage of the 18-to-29 group (24%) were also more likely to never open a marketing email than were respondents ages 30 and older (19%), the study found. Overall, 55% of respondents ages 18 to 29 said they opened marketing emails at least sometimes, slightly higher than the 49% of respondents ages 30 and older who said the same. The difference between the younger and older groups was 9 percentage points higher for the younger group when it came to always or frequently opening marketing emails. Conversely, only 44% of the younger group professed to rarely or never open marketing emails, vs. 51% of respondents ages 30 or older. Get the full story at eMarketer Read also "A marketer’s guide to holiday emails" at PR Daily