Online retail sales in the US will rise by almost 25% this year, according to a new study released by and conducted by Forrester Research.

Forrester expects online retail sales to increase to $109.6 billion this year from $89 billion in 2004. Including travel sales, total e-commerce revenues are projected to grow to $172.4 billion from $141.4 billion.

The projections are in line with eMarketer's latest online retail estimates. Using US Department of Commerce figures as a baseline, eMarketer estimates that US online retail sales will reach $84.5 billion this year, a 22.1% increase. Unlike eMarketer, Forrester includes online auction gross merchandise sales in its totals.

"Internet retailing has entered its young adulthood," said Jeffrey Grau, eMarketer Senior Analyst and author of eMarketer's "E-Commerce in the US" report. "The next ten years will be marked by a deepening consumer acceptance of online purchasing."

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