Women now represent 85 million internet users, accounting for half of all people online. But where can advertisers and marketers best reach women on the web? Their diverse interests and roles in life are reflected by the types of sites they frequent online.

Women are industrious online citizens with jobs to do, families to manage and decisions to make. They wield enormous economic power as product buyers, family planners and influencers of purchase decisions. Their online behavior illustrates their involvement in family "infrastructure" issues such as shopping, planning, healthcare and more.

Top gaining categories among women in March 2006 versus a year ago included: Multimedia (up 34 percent to 43.7 million visitors), Classifieds (up 33 percent to 14.7 million visitors), Radio (up 24 percent to 18.4 million visitors) and Maps (up 16 percent to 32.4 million visitors).

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