What some would view as this relatively cheap price for TripAdvisor could change dramatically — one way or the other — when the company reports second quarter earnings on August 4 and provides further details on whether its grand project, TripAdvisor Instant Booking, which finds consumers booking hotels on TripAdvisor, is working out as planned. Specifically, TripAdvisor seeks to reverse a recent decline in revenue per hotel shopper on its sites as it transitions from a reliance on advertising clicks to a tilt toward hotel commissions with some hotel-metasearch and clicks on the side. But could a TripAdvisor-Priceline or TripAdvisor-Google marriage, for example, even get past antitrust regulators in the Department of Justice or Federal Trade Commission? There’s an argument to be made that the dog days of July or August — actually the waning months of 2016 as a whole — would be an opportune moment to sneak an acquisition past regulators as the Obama Administration prepares to say adieu. “They won’t have the commitment and resources to block an acquisition and play out a challenge in court,” argues one keen observer of the antitrust scene, referring to regulators. Get the full story at Skift