According to Yahoo's Ron Belanger

- Consumer 2.0 is someone who is Overworked and Overwhelmed. Between 1970 and 2002, annual hours worked per capita in the US increased 20%.

- Consumer 2.0 is also addicted to leisure. While personal savings is at an all-time low of 2.1% of income, entertainment spending is at an all time high of 8.4%.

- Consumer 2.0 is a Master Hyper-tasker. In recent research, Yahoo found that consumers globally are living the 40-hour day. Over 10 of those are spent with media. Media meshing?watching TV while searching on the internet?is the norm.

- In a Global Market research study conducted in 2006, Yahoo found that 52% of people surf the web and watch TV at the same time ? that percentage increases to 60% when you look at the often sought after demo of 18-34 year olds.

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