Yahoo Inc. is making it easier for Web surfers to find videos by upgrading its search system to become more like saving favorite TV channels with a remote control, the company said on Wednesday.

The Internet media giant aims to recapture share in the fast-emerging market for viewing videos online -- the year's hottest Internet trend -- where Yahoo has lost ground over the past six months to upstart video search company YouTube.

"Instead of having to discover individual videos one by one, once you have found a source you like, you can keep coming back," Jason Zajac, general manager of social media at Yahoo, said in a phone interview.

YouTube, a San Mateo, California-based company with only 30 employees which was founded by two former developers at online payments company PayPal, surged from nowhere earlier this year and now attracts tens of millions of monthly users.

That is five times the U.S. audience of former market leader Yahoo Video Search, according to data from Internet measurement firm Hitwise. MySpace ranks second, Yahoo third and Microsoft Corp.'s MSN is fourth, data shows. Other rapid gainers are start-ups Grouper and Daily Motion.

Among the changes Yahoo is introducing to its video search service at is a simple way for users to subscribe to and watch "channels," or groups of videos related by videomaker, programmer or keyword topic.

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