Web 2.0 is the topic of the day. It is hard to say exactly what it is. However, one point seems to be to make use of the knowledge of Internet users.

Yoono is a new French search engine that calls itself a “social search engine” and describes itself as “the new search 2.0″.

Yoono does not work as a regular searh engine. Instead of searching for keywords, you fill in a Web address (URL) in the search form in order to generate a list of similar web sites.

Apart form web sites, the search result list also includes links to experts — Yoonoo-users that has special competences in a particular area. The more people who subscribe to a specific topic expert, the more credibilty does that expert gain. High ranking experts will get higher rankings in the results.

Yoono also draws attention to web sites that have been previously recommended by users of Yoono. The hits are ranked by popularity. According to Yoono’s help sections, Yoono will only index web sites bookmarked by users, and it is their “votes” that is used to determine the ranking.

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