Sheraton Hotels & Resorts launched its new emotionally driven $20 million global television campaign and the debut of its signature "Warm Welcome" experience in hotels.

Developed to introduce the brand's new positioning around warm, comforting, connections, the new campaign and in hotel initiative invite consumers and guests to "belong." Sheraton's ad campaign, titled "Greetings," follows on the heels of sister brand Westin's new ad campaign which debuted last month and is the result of a yearlong revamp of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc's. marketing and brand strategy.

You don't just stay at Sheraton - you belong

Created by Deutsch and directed by the award-winning international duo Jan Vogel and Rene Villar-Rios who are credited with renowned campaigns for brand powerhouses including Nike and Coca-Cola, Sheraton's new campaign promises to connect with consumers and features people from around the world warmly greeting each other with hugs, kisses, toasts, hand-shakes and even high-fives. The 15: and 30: second television spots are set to a new rendition of the Pat Benatar song "We Belong" and speak to a core human truth - the need to belong. Underscoring Sheraton's position as the world's most global hotel brand, "Greetings" tag asserts: "the greetings are different, the need to feel welcome is the same. You don't just stay here - you belong."

According to Javier Benito, Starwood's Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, the new commercials tested very positively. Likeability of the commercial was 60%, which is significantly above the DRI* hotel and industry travel norm of 43%. After seeing the commercial, 42% of those surveyed said they would consider Sheraton for their next business trip, again significantly above the 35% industry norm. The music was also found to be very appealing and received a 44% "excellent" rating; again significantly above the norm of 24%.

Ambassadors, scent, and a connection to home provide a warm welcome...

Created to provide a memorable arrival, Sheraton's "Warm Welcome" will make guests feel like they belong the moment they enter the hotel. Upon arrival guests will be greeted by a Sheraton Ambassador who will make their passage into the hotel less transactional and more of a true and personal welcome. Sheraton's new signature lobby scent "Welcoming Warmth" includes notes of Fig, Bergamot, Jasmine and Freesia and was developed exclusively for Sheraton to help settle and relax guests after a long journey. "Welcoming Warmth" is natural and hypoallergenic and was created by leading fragrance design house, MANE.

During check-in guests will be encouraged to keep in touch with the people that matter most to them with a free ten-minute phone card and a signature prepaid postcard. The specially designed phone cards and postcards, also created by Deutsch, feature moving images and remind guests that, "away doesn't have to feel so far away" and encourages them to "have a heart to heart even if it's not face-to-face."

"Sheraton's moving ad campaign and signature welcome program convey what defines a true Sheraton guest experience - a warm staff and signature services designed to provide our guests with a sense of community and a connection to the people and places that matter most," said Benito.

"Sheraton's campaign is about the emotion of the experience and not just the physical experience," said Kathy Delaney, Chief Creative Officer/President, Deutsch NY. "Underscoring the intangible benefit really shows what sets Sheraton apart in a memorable way."

The global advertising campaign breaks today on networks including CBS and NBC and top cable stations such as A&E, ESPN, HGTV and E Entertainment. Sheraton's "Warm Welcome" program begins rolling out to all Sheraton hotels and resorts later this month.