Marketers today are starting to realize the power of storytelling – take a look at some of your favorite brands and think about what sets them apart. Coca Cola’s Share a Coke campaign taught me to associate family, friends and the fun of a scavenger hunt with a bottle of coke, a drink I normally don’t even like. Canadian bank TD Canada Trust’s surprise in turning their ATMs into automated thanking machines for a day, handing out surprise gifts to consumers, added an element of compassion and kindness to a brand I used to think of as simply another big bank. Stories transform our perceptions, and one of the industries best poised for storytelling is hospitality – because travelers travel in search of their next story that they’ll tell their friends, write about on TripAdvisor or share on Instagram. A story, forever immortalized online. Hoteliers can be at the forefront of this marketing shift if they learn how to tell their own story – how to differentiate their property from another to shoppers. How well they do it will determine how well they succeed in a changing digital landscape. Get the full story at Leonardo