Bing recently collaborated with travel research firm Phocuswright, putting together travel insights for digital advertisers and marketers. The research is based on Phocuswright’s syndicated research across the travel industry, as well as two new surveys commissioned by Bing. Phocuswright fielded the online survey in September 2017, with responses from 1,662 qualified leisure and business travelers. Another study fielded between September and November 2017 aggregates 173 qualified responses from travel executives with marketing and ad-spend responsibility. When people plan a vacation, ads influence purchase decisions more often than originally thought. Hotel brands exposed to search ads on online travel aggregator (OTA) sites experienced a 10% to 50% lift in click rates compared with brands without an ad. Younger travelers ages 18 to 34 tend to have higher travel ad recall, followed by people ages 35 to 44. About 80% of travelers turn to digital media and search to compare travel products and pricing, and 83% have purchased travel items such as tickets, online. And as online books grows, so does digital ad spend. More than half of all travel marketing budgets now go through online channels. Get the full story at MediaPost