The standard metrics are easy to gather: How many looks do I get? How is my conversion? What ADR and LOS and booking window am I driving in this channel versus others? It is essential to know these metrics and how your performance compares historically. Everyone knows that, and everyone does that. But… How does your booking engine performance compare to your competitor across the street? How does it compare to all the hotels in your market or region? You have an X% look-to-book ratio, up from Y% last year. Congratulations! But, is X% good? This is where the business intelligence market has under-delivered: on the basic comparative insight. Industry benchmarks, including Google Analytics benchmarks, are generic numbers across an entire category (“All Hotels and Accommodations” or “Travel”). But we all know that your hotel’s competitive set is a lot more specific than that. Conversion metrics for Vegas are different than Omaha’s. Traffic type breakdown for a resort is different than an airport or highway hotel. Get the full story at the Sabre Hospitality Solutions