This was part of the findings from a new piece of research by Google presented by Ryan Ferguson, sector lead of travel, Asia Pacific, Google at day two of the WIT 2017 conference. Calling these people “Youtube enthusiasts”, Ferguson shared some data that Google had found about travellers who use Youtube as a research platform. - They travel and spend 75% more that the average traveller. - More than 75% own a credit or debit card, making online bookings and payments easier. - They take twice as many international trips. - They are thrice as likely to research on trips when they get their bonuses. - They are twice as likely to book a trip when there is a price promotion. - They are twice as interested in shopping and adventure travel. - They are 2.5 times more likely to be triggered by online advertisements. - While researching a holiday, they watch 5 travel videos per week around their destination. Get the full story at WIT