Falling ancillary revenues and rising costs stymied gains made in rooms from flowing through to the bottom line, according to the latest data tracking full-service hotels from HotStats.

At €158.82, RevPAR was high for 2019 and also exceeded the previous peak of €157.09 from June 2018. The spike was led by a 1.4-percentage-point year-on-year increase in room occupancy to 82.5% and was in spite of a 0.5% decline in the achieved average room rate, which fell to €192.61.

However, the growth in RevPAR was canceled out by falling ancillary revenues, which included a decline in Food & Beverage (down 3.2%) and Conference & Banqueting (down 11.2%), on a per-available-room basis.

This contributed to the 0.5% YOY decline in TRevPAR to €226.66, which was further hit by rising costs that included a 2.2% increase in payroll to €62.25 per available room. As a result, profit per room fell by 2.8% in the month to €101.00.