Company highlights from 2018 include:

Deepening the integration between HEBS Digital and Serenata CRM: After coming together under one parent company, NextGuest Technologies, HEBS Digital and Serenata CRM have continued to close the loop for clients with a fully-integrated guest engagement and acquisition platform. With the merging of HEBS Digital and Serenata CRM, the best technology in the hospitality industry is now under one roof.

Launching of new HEBS Digital products: One of the biggest products developed in 2018 was the Content Personalization Module 2.0 which is currently in beta and will be launching early 2019. Within the smartCMS®, this module captures real-time targeting data and lets hotels personalize their website content for specific audience segments. Additionally, new social media advertising platforms were introduced, such as , which retarget users whose online behavior suggests they are planning travel to specific destinations. Smart Search, currently in , enables users to easily find relevant content on a hotel’s website. Features include full-text indexing, type-ahead search, automated site-content indexing, and keyword highlighting in the search results.