Airbnb’s OYO investment could be its ticket to the East

Apr 02, 2019 / Airbnb

Indian budget hotel chain OYO has managed to impress the US company that had inspired it in the first place.

Beyond just money, Airbnb brings to OYO a goldmine of expertise, given its experience in running an online hospitality business across over 190 countries. Also, the deal could go a long way in boosting OYO’s revenue as Airbnb will now be listing the Indian company’s accommodations on its platform, too.

But what’s in it for Airbnb, which has established itself as a frontrunner in the home-stay industry over the past 10 years? The answer, according to experts, is: India and China. The world’s two most populated nations are extremely important to Airbnb, and OYO has already tasted some success in the region.

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After bumpy start, Marriott's Edition brand gains momentum

Apr 02, 2019 / Marriott
Marriott International
Marriott International

After a slow and somewhat rocky start, Marriott International's Edition luxury lifestyle brand looks to finally be hitting its stride.

Launched amid much fanfare in 2007, the Edition concept was born out of a collaboration between Marriott and Ian Schrager, the hospitality veteran best known for co-founding the 1970s New York hot spot Studio 54.

Edition's splashy debut was poorly timed, however, with the financial crisis of 2008 quickly putting a damper on expansion plans. Despite targeting at least five development agreements by the end of its first year, the flag had just two properties, in Istanbul and Honolulu, by 2011.

Following those early setbacks, however, Edition appears to have undergone a reboot. The brand kicked off a renewed expansion drive in 2013, and although its Istanbul hotel later quietly left the fold, Edition's portfolio now spans nine locations.

Revenue Management

What is your hotel's optimal business mix and how can you calculate it?

Apr 02, 2019 / Pricing
Kalibri Labs
Kalibri Labs

Jennifer Hill, VP of Client Engagement, explains the two core components that make up Kalibri Labs’ proprietary Optimal Business Mix (OBM) algorithm.

The first phase is a much more in-depth look at the competitors in the market which goes far beyond the current subjective nature of selecting a traditional comp set.

The competitive benchmark group defined by the Optimal Business Mix algorithm looks across all the reservations in the market and breaks them down by rate segment and weekpart, in order to find similar business that the subject hotel could have realistically competed with on that day for those room nights.

With Optimal Business Mix, a hotel is no longer limited to comparing against the average of a fixed group of hotels for all of their business. Instead the hotel can focus on the best they can possibly achieve for each rate segment and weekpart. This means the subject hotel likely competes with a much broader set of hotels than they have in their current traditional comp set.

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Chinese travelers seeing more sights at night

Apr 02, 2019 / China

Bookings for “night tours” increased by 9 percent year-on-year in 2018, and lots of online travel agencies are starting to take notice of this emerging trend.

Chinese tourists are just as eager to see destinations at night as they are during the day, but it’s not wild night spots like bars and clubs that are attracting these globetrotters, it’s illuminated shows.

Evening tours - defined as tours that start after 6:00 p.m. - have grown in popularity over the last couple of years, with some popular destinations offering a variety of them, according to family travel booking site Lvmama.


Done with excuses, time to personalize

Apr 02, 2019 / Millenials

For most smaller travel brands, even regular personalization can seem out of reach. But, with a new perspective, personalization is certainly possible.

Some destination and tourism organizations are thinking about influencers as their top-tier loyalty members. Providing incentives that are personalized to individual influencers is tremendously helpful in driving engagement with this key audience.

Visit California probed Google queries to better understand what travelers were looking for as they planned to visit the state. With these insights, they revamped their website to be much more specific to these trends.

Despite all the talk about influencers, email is the best way to reach millennials. For many marketers with limited budgets, focusing on building an up-to-date email database is a great, and affordable, way to set the stage of personalization.

Digital Marketing

6 anomalies in your hotel website analytics data

Apr 02, 2019 / Fuel Travel (sponsored)

We get questions from our clients on a regular basis when something in their data doesn’t feel right, has had a sudden change, or just doesn’t make sense.

To help diagnose the cause in a year to year decrease in organic search, we need to look at more than just the overall traffic numbers.

First, take a look at the landing pages. Is there one particular landing page that is losing most of the traffic, or is the loss site-wide? Is there a blog post that had been getting traffic for some reason that has now stopped? This can happen when a page shows up in an answer box in Google and then stops.

Use this information in conjunction with Search Console. Look at Google Trends for keywords for those pages to see if demand has decreased.


SiteMinder partners with Desbravador Software

Apr 02, 2019 / SiteMinder (sponsored)

The partnership will see Desbravador’s award-winning hotel management system connect into SiteMinder’s platform to create a more seamless flow of guest information.

The partnership will also give Desbravador’s 2,000 hotel customers the ability to market their properties through SiteMinder’s network of 400 distribution channels, including the 12 that contributed over ninety percent of the total revenue made by SiteMinder’s Latin American hotel customers last year. They include Despegar.com, BestDay.com and PriceTravel.

Desbravador’s hotel management software caters for hotels, hostels and lodges of every size. The company celebrated its 30th year of operation in 2018, one year after expanding outside of Latin America for the first time, into Portugal.