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Hoteliers adapt to shift in size of group meetings

Sep 02, 2019 / Group Bookings

There’s a shift happening now in group meeting trends, and hoteliers are adapting their properties and strategies to support the evolving landscape.

One shift that hoteliers are noticing is smaller groups are becoming more popular. But when the smaller groups go to smaller hotels with more limited meeting space, hoteliers must be more creative.

“It’s still a multibillion-dollar industry, mega groups aren’t going away, (but) they are shrinking in size no doubt,” said Agnelo Fernandes, chief strategy officer and EVP of Terranea Resort, on a panel titled “The evolution of group business is happening now!” at the Hotel Data Conference.

Data Protection

French travel site leaks 100GB worth of customer details

Sep 02, 2019 / Internet fraud

Security research firm VPNMentor found 100GB of unsecured customer data from the French travel booking site Option Way.

The database includes details such as names, email IDs, addresses, phone numbers, and travel details. Customers were mainly from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Algeria, and Australia.

Apart from customers’ data, the database also contained details of the company’s employees and credit cards used for transactions.

The team noted that it found large chunks of Option Way’s database unencrypted and unprotected. The research firm was also able to manipulate URLs to find more data.

Digital Marketing

2020 Budget season tips: Mapping your hotel’s digital marketing budget


Should we invest in search marketing, display advertising, and/or metasearch advertising? Or are we best allocating more budget for social media advertising?

In truth, there isn’t one standard way to divide your marketing budget up - it really varies from property to property. However, adopting a multi-channel approach is best to expand your reach and target different customers throughout their travel journey.

Your ROAS (return on ad spend) can vary from channel to channel, not just month to month. So, you might want to consider setting multiple ROAS targets that collectively let you hit your end-of-year goal.

Digital Marketing

Why a slow website is killing your conversions

Sep 02, 2019 / Website Design

For every millisecond you shave off your site’s load time, you boost customer trust and confidence in your site.

According to Google, best practice is to aim for a three-second load time between SERP and page. They also said, though, that most sites come nowhere near that mark. After analyzing 900,000 mobile ad landing pages spanning 126 countries, Google found that over 70% took almost seven seconds to fully display visual content above the fold.

Mobile sites lag behind desktop sites in a number of key engagement metrics, such as pages per visit, bounce rate and average time on site. For retailers this can be particularly costly, because 30% of all online shopping purchases now occur on mobile devices.

Products & Services

High-tech and high-touch: A hospitality oxymoron?


With a heightened demand for what technology can offer, hoteliers are seemingly faced with a conundrum – how are you to maintain a high touch experience for your guests when less face-to-face interaction is not only expected but desired?

Leverage tech in a way that feels personal by thinking about how you can adjust your guests’ space in a way that communicates you know them as an individual.

In the article, “How Sentient Space Will Change What It Means To Be At Home,” Louison Dumont discusses how the spaces around us contribute to our overall state of mind – and even our health. “A deeper computational understanding of human life means richer experiences,” says Dumont.

How can hoteliers use this to help their guests feel more at home through their environment (i.e. lighting, smells, sounds)?