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PwC: UK Hotels Forecast 2019-2020

Oct 03, 2019 / PwC

To win, hoteliers need to embrace technology to increase efficiency, reduce processes, manage data and enhance the customer journey.

Global and UK political and economic uncertainty, high industry cost inflation, and increasing difficulties in recruiting and retaining staff means that hoteliers need to adopt tech-enabled solutions, increasing efficiency, reducing processes, managing data and enhancing the customer journey.

To assist with this, PwC has looked at several areas of increasing interest for hoteliers and investors - guest-centric transformation, cybersecurity and deals. The company explores the disruptions affecting the sector and look at how hoteliers can capitalize on new challenges to create opportunities. PwC also considers what the future may hold for EU nationals working in the UK hotel industry.

Market Data

Travel trends and habits of baby boomers

Oct 03, 2019 / Guest Experience

Born between 1946 and 1964, Baby boomers bring to the table a well-rounded set of expectations when engaging with prospective hotels.

Primarily 'empty-nesters' it should come as no surprise that baby boomers have the time, budget, and desire to travel. According to AARP Travel's '2019 Boomer Travel Trends', boomers were planning on taking a total of 4-5 leisure trips this year, on which they planned to spend over $6,600 (about 20% to 50% more than their Gen X or millennial counterparts). These trips were projected to be split relatively evenly between domestic and international travel.

Not only are boomers planning to spend more on their trips this year, but they are also opting for longer trip durations, upgraded accommodations, and shopping while sightseeing. In this sense, baby boomers represent an incredible opportunity for upselling and personalized offers or add-ons.

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Budget hotels drive Southeast Asia’s online travel growth

Oct 03, 2019 / OYO
OYO Rooms
OYO Rooms

Differentiating in the travel distribution landscape, which is becoming less fragmented and more competitive than ever, is complicated.

Southeast Asia’s online travel sector grew to $34.4 billion this year, from $29.7 billion in 2018 and $19.4 billion in 2015, according to the latest study of the region’s internet economy released on Thursday by Google, Temasek, and Bain.

The rise of budget hotels, led by brands such as Oyo Rooms and RedDoorz, is a highlight, according to the report. Queries for selected budget hotel brands soared in 2019, up more than nine times compared to 2015, according to Google Trends.

“These companies offer reliable accommodation at a fraction of the price of international hotel brands, aimed at youth and cost-conscious travelers from within and outside of Southeast Asia.

Download: Google, Temasek, Bain & Company e-Conomy SEA 2019 Report

Digital Marketing

Instagram launches Threads, a Close Friends chat app with auto-status

Oct 03, 2019 / Instagram

Facebook and Instagram’s next big swing at Snapchat, specifically targeting its top use case: rapid-fire camera and text messaging with your best friends.

What if Instagram could automatically tell your Close Friends you’re home, working, on the move or chilling and might want to hang out? That’s the idea behind Instagram’s new companion app Threads, a Close Friends-only messaging experience that opens to the camera with shortcuts for instantly sending specific people photos and videos.

Threads offers two brand new features called Status and Auto Status that allow you to manually set an emoji as an away message to show Close Friends what you’re up to, or opt in to letting Instagram select one automatically based on your location, accelerometer and even your phone’s battery level.

Revenue Management

Turning wholesale disruption into revenue opportunity

Oct 03, 2019 / IDeaS (sponsored)

Resorts and hotels are looking to expand their swim lanes and make third-party fixed rates and allotments include a more direct, yieldable pricing strategy.

Revenue managers have the opportunity to influence traditional transient business through their weekly revenue strategy, but wholesale, tour, or contract business are much less flexible with guaranteed room allotments and fixed-price contracts over extended periods of time.

An analytically-optimized, balanced business mix is your best path to enhanced revenue performance, but making changes to yield that business can be difficult, cumbersome, or even impossible until the next contract negotiation.