Loyalty Program

Accor: going ‘all’ out to build a modern loyalty program

Jul 04, 2019 / Accor

Loyalty in travel is not what it used to be and like many other hotel groups, Accor is looking to build an ecosystem of partnerships to engage its customers.

In a panel discussion at EyeforTravel’s recent Digital Strategy Summit, Thomas Gmelch, Head of Travel & Mobility at Amazon Pay, summed it up nicely. “Those people that feel proud because they have a platinum card in their pocket are a dying breed. Instead, loyalty program users today are looking for tangible benefits that enrich their day-to-day lives.”

This was one of the key findings of EyeforTravel’s most recent white paper - Loyalty: Addressing the Pain Points in the Age of Experience, which features insights from Wyndham, Hilton, JetBlue and more.

It is also the reason that hotel chains are moving from a strategy based purely on points-based loyalty to one that is focused on lifestyle. In other words, instead of being product focused, they are focused on driving loyalty.

Data Protection

Hotels face increasing risk of security breach by cyber hackers

Jul 04, 2019 / Internet fraud

Even as the hospitality industry makes a push for consumers to share information in exchange for better service, it grapples with the urgent need to confront the rise of digital trespassers.

Hospitality companies long saw technology as antithetical to the human touch that represented good service. The industry’s admirable habit of promoting from the bottom up means it’s not uncommon to find IT executives who started their careers toting luggage.

There’s also a structural issue. Companies such as Marriott and Hilton are responsible for securing brand-wide databases that store reservations and loyalty program information. But the task of protecting the electronic locks or guest Wi-Fi at an individual property falls on the investors who own the hotels.

The result is a messy technological ecosystem that runs on old software. Many hotels use Opera, sold by Oracle Corp., as their PMS. A common version was designed for a legacy Windows operating system and directs users to disable security features to make the software work.

Digital Marketing

The current state of marketing automation in hospitality

Jul 04, 2019 / Direct Bookings

As personalized, one-to-one guest communication becomes the standard in our industry, pretending to stay in business without some level of marketing automation is, at best, entrepreneurial myopia.

There are undeniable advantages in implementing MA in hotels: better guest segmentation, man-hour optimization, workforce allocation, and business scalability, just to name a few.

Thanks to increasingly accessible technologies and infrastructures, moreover, even the smallest bed and breakfast can choose whether and what to automate.

Autoresponders, communication automation, database segmentation, and upselling tools: These systems are no longer offered exclusively by massive (and expensive) all-in-one monolithic systems, but by lean, agile and affordable micro-service startups as well.

Products & Services

How social networks can contribute towards responsible tourism?

Jul 04, 2019 / Responsible Tourism

There has been a huge change in the travel as people are more keen on visiting ‘Instagram-worthy’ destinations

No matter whether it’s a solo trip or a backpacking adventure, a summer holiday plan or a weekend trip to a nearby city – millennials are always on the toes when it comes to sharing on social media.

Also, content spread through social media by travel influencers is considered much more impactful than articles published in travel magazines.

So how can influencers contribute towards more responsible tourism?

Digital Marketing

How Google is becoming more like Alexa

Jul 04, 2019 / Google

Google is no longer in the business of delivering up lots of answers. Instead, it’s in the business of delivering a single answer - without the need to click.

When featured snippets provide the answer at the top of a search query, people don’t need to click through to the article that the snippet is sourced from. What's more, Google is doing everything it can to answer the question before any search results come up.

Over the last few years, Alphabet (Google’s holding company) purchased 38 AI-related businesses. As AI systems get smarter, they’ll be able to answer more complex questions. And that really should concern you if you’re in the business of providing valuable information to your audience.


9 easy ways to boost your hotel revenue

Jul 04, 2019 / Triptease (sponsored)

At the Direct Booking Summit: EMEA 2019 in Paris, Triptease asked its trusted partners, speakers and attendees for new strategies that hotels can implement in a week, quarter and a year to increase their direct business.

What do all hotels, resorts, and hostels all have in common? Apart from selling rooms, they all want to maximize their revenue. But with many markets becoming more competitive, boosting revenue is easier said than done. Increasing room rates to broaden margins might be great during high season, but during the low season, high rates drive customers away.

Instead of simply adjusting room rates up and down, there are many other ways for hotels to generate more revenue and create a better guest experience at the same time.

Reputation Management

TrustYou reveals top performing review sources

Jul 04, 2019 / TrustYou (sponsored)

The company took a closer look at the feedback housed in its database from 2018 to unveil which are the top performing review sources that play important roles.

It does not come as a surprise that in 2018, Google ranked first in growth for top performing review sources and showed the highest increase in the number of reviews with an impressive plus of 93.37% compared to 2017.

Also, Expedia experienced a very successful year in 2018 and reported double-digit growth in bookings and revenue for the full year compared to 2017 - a whopping +63.45% increase in review volume on a global level.