Market Data

First half of 2019 ended on a high note for world’s three largest hotel companies

Aug 06, 2019 / Trends

Marriott International and Hilton Worldwide Holdings reported strong second-quarter results while InterContinental Hotel Group said it reached several expansion goals in the first half of the year.

IHG saw its net system size grow 5.7 percent in the first half of the year, its best first-half performance for openings and signings in more than a decade.

Hilton’s system-wide comparable RevPAR grew 1.6 percent in the first six months of the year, said CEO Christopher Nassetta, who said the growth was driven by increases in ADR and occupancy.

Marriott’s RevPAR increased 1.2 percent in the second quarter thanks to higher leisure transient demand in Europe, the Caribbean and South America as well as the Asian Pacific, said President and CEO Arne Sorenson.


Airbnb fares well against Marriott, Hilton, IHG

Aug 06, 2019 / Airbnb

Research shows that customers stay at Airbnbs for an average of three days, one day longer than the two-day average for hotels.

Airbnb saw a 164% increase in reservations between May and July, according to a report from Edison Trends, which examined how the hospitality newcomer is fairing against such venerable brands as Marriott and Hilton.

Marriott hotel customer spending volume peaked in October 2018, with Hilton also seeing a noticeable uptick in customer spend. Airbnb’s busiest months are in the summer. InterContinental Hotels Group saw its busiest time in June 2018, followed closely by July.

Business Travel

GBTA launches new accommodation RFP


The updated RFP reflects the changing marketplace to include various accommodation solutions that buyers are using and considering for their travel programs.

The all new template also includes multi-year pricing, an enhanced safety and security module, new payment methods, elimination of obsolete questions and more length of stay options.

The Accommodations RFP will be presented at GBTA Convention 2019 and will be available free to the public.

Download: GBTA Accommodations RFP Global Format 2019 (Members Only)

Market Data

Half of Gen Z plan travel trips based on what they see on Instagram

Aug 06, 2019 / Social Media

According to a study conducted for travel site, 46 percent of Gen Z trust the recommendations of people they don’t know in person like influencers and celebrities.

Instagram seems to be the most popular social media site that influences travel decisions, with 40 percent of respondents citing it as their top source for information.

The study strives to understand how this generation of young people travels and their ambitions for future ventures. It probably comes at no surprise that social media has such a big impact on how young people go about their travels as these sites are part of our everyday lives.

Digital Marketing

When should your hotel expect results from SEO changes?


After implementing a series of SEO changes, how fast will you see an impact? The answer is: it depends.

In truth, a whole set of factors come into play, including what type of SEO changes you’re making and how you implement them. Even if you get quick results (which is pretty rare), SEO is never done. It’s an ongoing process that requires constant attention to everything from keyword trends to the fluctuations within your own marketplace and the wider travel industry.

The changes you make today won’t necessarily have an impact tomorrow. Or the next day, for that matter. In fact, it’s perfectly normal for some SEO changes to not have a true impact for 3-6 months.