Airbnb hires a global head of transportation

Feb 07, 2019 / Airbnb

Airbnb made it easier for travelers to find a place to crash. Now it wants to make it easier for them to get around.

The home-sharing giant has hired Fred Reid as its first-ever global head of transportation. Reid served as the founding chief executive officer of Virgin America from 2004 to 2007 after a three-year stint as the president of Delta Airlines.

The hire suggests Airbnb has broad ambitions to further disrupt the travel and hospitality industry and given the 500 million guest arrivals to Airbnb listings the company says it will have recorded by the first quarter of 2019, integrating transportation services to better serve customers is a no-brainer.

Revenue Management

How airlines boost ancillary revenues

Feb 07, 2019 / Airlines

Ancillary revenues are rising, and airlines increasingly depend on them. The next step forward: Efforts to help frontline employees collect these fees and charges more effectively.

Ancillary revenues - the money airlines make from sales and fees for products and services such as food, checked bags, and extra legroom - have become a topic of great interest for airline executives over the past decade.

Now estimated at $50 billion to $55 billion a year, they exceed the industry’s $31 billion ten-year average annual operating profit. Without them, the industry would not be profitable.

Airlines setting out to increase these revenues usually focus on the commercial functions - marketing, sales, pricing, and distribution - and digitize as much of the process as possible. However, frontline employees remain significantly involved in selling or delivering most ancillaries.

Market Data

Millennials like traveling on guided vacations

Feb 07, 2019 / Millenials

According to a new MMGY Global study, Millennials like traveling on “guided vacations.” Same game, different name.

Well, not quite the same game. Tour operators have evolved, renamed their products “guided vacations” and adapted them to keep pace with the growing interest in the traveling public in immersing themselves in destinations, having authentic experiences of different cultures, and getting behind the scenes and interacting with locals.

It turns out that the guided style of travel is well-suited to the needs of the evolving American traveler.

Digital Marketing

Google testing local 4-packs for hotel results on mobile

Feb 07, 2019 / Google

With this UI test Google seems to be trying to make user experience more consistent across mobile and desktop.

The core difference between the tested new pack and the existing pack are:

  • The new pack has 4 listings instead of 3;
  • The map at the bottom of the pack;
  • The query and location are shown at the top of the pack;
  • There are 4 filter bubbles (Guest favorites, budget options, luxury stays, this weekend);
  • There is no price slider.

Products & Services

Experience 2.0, the next stop in digital transformation:

Feb 07, 2019 / Guest Experience

Smartly, many businesses already have established the foundation for providing great experiences, with the right people, process, and technology firmly in place. What’s next?

It’s unmistakably clear to anyone running a business that all roads lead to customer experience. How people perceive your products and services - and how they view your brand - determines whether they buy from you and remain customers.

The challenge is to understand what factors define a great experience and deliver on the proposition. For some people, a great experience may revolve around a product or service that’s cool or fun to use. For others, a great experience involves convenience, including saving time or simplifying life in some way.

But know this: Even a single interaction can alter thinking, feelings, and buying decisions.

Digital Marketing

What creative hotels are doing online

Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa

Utilizing creative ideas to attract guests can help hotels stand out in the crowd and help them to gain new and repeat visitors.

Last year, Hyatt Hotels partnered with then up-and-coming pop star Dua Lipa. The setting for the British musician’s single “New Rules” was Hyatt’s new boutique hotel, The Confidante, in Miami.

While the branding for the hotel is not overtly obvious in the video, every shot occurs inside the modern rooms or around the trendy pool of the Miami property. This partnership goes beyond a simple celebrity endorsement, appearance in a commercial, or a sponsored Instagram post. The creative partnership left behind a product that benefited both parties.

Products & Services

eBook: How direct messaging elevates the hotel experience

Feb 07, 2019 / TrustYou (sponsored)

The free guide is focused on direct messaging and how this new technology impacts hotel-to-guest communication.

The Complete Guest Engagement Guide directly addresses hoteliers who want to quickly adapt to the shifts in communication and provide travelers with the best possible means of exchanging valuable information, as well as feedback, during the entire guest journey.

Direct messaging has proven its popularity in the last few years, given its sense of immediacy and effectiveness in solving requests and issues. TrustYou believes that direct messaging is taking the quality of customer support to a higher level and enables hoteliers to truly listen to their guests’ voices and input.