Booking.com beating Airbnb in home stays, company claims

Apr 08, 2019 / Airbnb

The latest numbers show heated competition between the long-time travel service Booking.com and its buzzy home rental competitor, Airbnb.

Since 2007, 748 million guests have stayed at homes, apartments, or unique listings like yurts and igloos listed on Booking.com, according to its parent company, Booking Holdings. During that same time period, Airbnb says 500 million guests have stayed at one of its listings.

“It is growing faster than our core business, and we’re pleased with that,” said Booking Holdings CEO Glenn Fogel.

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IHG outlines brand portfolio strategy, second phase of Concerto roll out

Apr 08, 2019 / IHG
InterContinental Hotels Group
InterContinental Hotels Group

The ongoing rollout of IHG’s cloud-based Concerto guest-reservation system - the first phase was launched in 2018 - plays an important role in executing the company's growth strategy.

“It was designed with a lot of owner input on how do we design, deploy a new generation of guest reservation systems to remove on-property effort to put a lot of the effort into the cloud to … increase functionality, increase usability, increase features … without increasing costs,” he said.

“Now we’re working on the second phase, which is going to start to introduce guest selection features, room selection features, service selection features. That also helps hotels and owners and operators and revenue management and guest satisfaction in optimization of their inventory.”

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Spain’s hoteliers fear hard Brexit, hope for a deal

Apr 08, 2019 / UK

If the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without a negotiated settlement to avoid a “hard” Brexit, the Spanish hotel sector fears it will take a big hit.

Spanish hoteliers are worried that the number of guests from the United Kingdom, the sector’s biggest source market, will suffer a major decline if London and Brussels fail to agree on a negotiated exit for the United Kingdom from the European Union.

“If there is a hard Brexit and all that entails, such as visas being required for British visitors or (there being) a big drop in the value of the British pound, we could see a 15% fall in the number of visitors compared with last year,” said Joan Molas, president, Confederation of Spanish Hotels & Tourist Accommodation.

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Hotel spas: Not just for resorts anymore

Apr 08, 2019 / Wellness

As hoteliers seek out additional sources of income, spas are likely to be a bright spot for some properties, data from CBRE shows.

As the main source of hotel revenue is plateauing, hoteliers are looking up and down their operating statements to find alternative sources of income. For hotels that operate a spa, this department has stood out as a bright spot not only for growth in revenue, but gains in profits as well.

At first, spas were added to urban corporate and convention hotels to remain competitive with resorts for group demand. Now, operating a hotel spa on premise promotes an environment of wellness throughout the hotel that is desired by all types of travelers looking to maintain their healthy routines while away from home.

Digital Marketing

What marketers can expect with 5G

Apr 08, 2019 / 5G

With reduced online latency and improved device connectivity, 5G technology will have a varied impact on marketing and advertising.

Video is the most consumed content on the internet and with the increase in mobile internet speeds, buffering and page load times will drastically reduce, which will lead to increasing video consumption on mobile.

With data exchanged at high speeds, advertisements and landing pages will load faster on mobile phones and desktops and will reduce the number of visitors dropping off because of loading delays.

With higher data processing rates, advertisers will have numerous opportunities to create compelling, creative, and high-resolution ads to engage consumers. With 5G interactive content like live-streaming, 4K videos will become more powerful.

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Digital Marketing

Why content marketing matters more now than ever before

Apr 08, 2019 / Screen Pilot (sponsored)

The crafting and sharing social posts, videos, blogs and like online content is key to driving brand awareness in the digital age.

In the uber-competitive travel industry, every hotel has a unique story to tell, and digital platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest offer an audience of literally billions.

For hotel teams, however, this digital storytelling has to be more than beautiful and memorable. It also must be actionable.

All content must aim to drive users to a property’s app or website and aid in generating direct bookings, but just because a post doesn’t immediately result in a room night doesn’t mean that content lacks value.

Revenue Management

Revenue Management: Strategies to boost your topline revenue by 20-30%

Apr 08, 2019 / SiteMinder (sponsored)

Now, more than ever, revenue management is the cornerstone of running a successful, profitable, hotel.

The increase in available data and ways to track and analyse it may seem like it has complicated the industry, but it also provides a wealth of new opportunities for your business to turn a profit.

The most successful hoteliers are savvy operators who continually look for ways to learn and improve the way they do things, gaining an edge over the competition. But only a small percentage of independent hoteliers use revenue management strategies and thus limit their revenue-generating potential.