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Marriott to prioritize innovation in guest experience

Oct 08, 2019 / Marriott
Marriott International
Marriott International

According to Karin Timpone, global marketing officer for Marriott International, loyal customers “stay more, pay more and cost less.”

She believes organizing around loyal customers is the way to drive sustainable growth. Specifically, cultivating a brand portfolio, unified by a loyalty program, will attract guests, earn preference, and reward customers in tangible and meaningful ways.

But how do you become loyalty-centric, and who’s responsible for knowing customers and delivering customer experiences that engender brand devotion?

Marketers often play the role of passionate advocates for the customer and invite diverse groups around the organization to consider, define, and strengthen this relationship. Marketers can kick off the conversation, setting a course around a ‘Loyalty Mindset’ – but here’s the key: it is not only marketing, rather everyone has to join together to deliver what the customer wants,” Karin says.


The future of travel experience, according to Andreessen Horowitz

Oct 08, 2019 / Airbnb

Many believe we are leaving the “Transaction Era” of travel and are in the early stages of the “Experience Era.”

One of the things Jeff Jordan, the managing partner of Andreessen Horowitz and ex-CEO of OpenTable is passionate about with Airbnb’s go-forward opportunity is they have a huge business in homes but they're really reinventing the experience market around the world.

Their latest offering is starting to scratch the surface of disrupting travel agents, where they have an all-in-one trip where you get your home, you get your experiences, you get your meals, and all you have to do is pick the destination, like “I want to go to Chile.”

The other opportunity is that as travel becomes more digital, the “digital exhaust,” or the data generated, has tremendous value.


Booking Holdings withdrawing from Google vacation rentals

Oct 08, 2019 / Booking.com
Booking Holdings
Booking Holdings

Booking Holdings’ Agoda brand has been actively listing vacation rentals in the one-stop shop Google Travel, but it appears that the company is in the process of removing its listings.

Booking Holdings’ flagship brand, Booking.com, had not been participating in Google’s vacation rental business, but Singapore-based Agoda has been listing its properties there for at least six months.

But three days after Google announced the introduction of a new vacation rental featurethat directs users from Google Search to its Google Travel page, a Booking Holdings spokesperson said Agoda is in the process of withdrawing, and its listings should be gone shortly.

In a research note sent Tuesday, Justin Patterson of Raymond James said Expedia Group would be the “biggest beneficiary” near-term from Google’s vacation rental business as Expedia brands on desktop had 67 percent share of listings in cities outside the United States, and a 74 percent share in U.S. cities.

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Condé Nast Traveller Annual Readers’ Choice Awards 2019

Oct 08, 2019 / CN Traveller
CN Traveller
CN Traveller

This year, for the first time, Condé Nast Traveller joined up with its sister title in the USA, creating a transatlantic awards in which a record 600,000 registered voters took part.

It’s the largest since the magazine started, with new lists and more hotels and destinations that ever before - including more favourite London addresses, more in the UK and Europe, individual Top 10s for Bangkok and Hong Kong and a whole rip-roaring bunch of American addresses, plus the welcome return of the luxury train category.

A selection of the results of the awards will be revealed in the November issue of Condé Nast Traveller magazine, available on newsstands and digital download today.


Apple's latest update cripples location-based marketing

Oct 08, 2019 / Apple

Apple's iOS 13 software update released in September gives users control over whether their personal location information is shared with app makers.

After taking on companies that track consumers all over the web, Apple has now set its sights on app publishers that track consumers all over the real world.

In mid-September Apple released iOS 13, which is a software update offering new features and improvements. Among those changes: It asks users if they want to opt-in to share their location with app makers.